Cell Phone Plans

Cell phone plans

Availability of huge selection of cell phones in the market leaves anyone overwhelmed with choices. So, if you are going to change your cell phone, or, even never bought a cell phone before, check out different cell phone plans before shopping for one. By cell phone plans basically the cell phone companies mean the service plans, study of which helps you to buy the right cell phone with right features at right price. Right cell phone plans save lot of money and frustration of a wrong decision.

The term cell phone plans actually involves lot of service criteria and wireless technologies provided by the cell phone companies for your benefit. For example, there is one classification: post-paid plans and pre-paid plans. In case of post paid cell phone plans you pay for a specific number of minutes used. On the other hand the pre-paid cell phone plans make you pay for minutes as you use the cell phone. There is another related concept called family plans where members of your family share a pool of minutes. So you need to find the best plan from all available cell phone plans.

Technology has enabled the cell phones of modern days come up with numerous attractive features like camera, video recorder, music player, data storage and retrieval, messaging by sending and receiving text, games and entertainment and other advanced features. All these provide more variety and choices in cell phone plans. The technical specification of the model i.e., the main technologies the phone employs to link to the providers network also influence a buyer's decision and part of the cell phone plans.

Knowledge of some concepts on cell phone services will increase your understanding of the different cell phone plans provided by the cell phone companies be it technical or service related. The basic concepts are about:

  • Talk times

  • Free talk times in nights or weekends

  • Free incoming call

  • Additional talk times

  • Rollover talk times

  • Mobile to mobile calls

  • Roaming and roaming charges

Talk time is the most vital part of your cell phone plans. This is also called the plan minutes i.e., amount of monthly cell phone airtime in minutes. This amounts to the airtime your cell phone plan allows you without incurring extra charges; this applies to both dialed and received calls. Most wireless cell phone plans provide free talk times in weekends and on nights, i.e, if you call on those times you do not spend your talk time. Similarly some cell phone plans allow free incoming calls i.e., when someone calls you do not incur any expense. Additional talk times are cost incurred when you have run out of your monthly talk time. This is also called overage or overage charge. This is important information in your cell phone plans. If you often go beyond your monthly talk time, you should consider upgrading your plan with more talk time instead of incurring extra cost on additional talk time, which is higher.

At times just the opposite happens i.e., you do not fully use up your talk time. Some cell phone plans allows you to save this and add to the next month's allowance. This is called rollover talk times. Needless to say, this feature if present in your cell phone plan is beneficial.

Many cell phone companies charge you nothing or much less when you are calling to another cell phone on the same carrier's network. This is referred to as mobile to mobile call. Most cell phone plans from major carriers provide a free mobile to mobile talk time.

Roaming charges as you must have guessed correctly refers to the charges when you are away from your state and using some other carrier's network for connection and getting signal. Naturally this charge is higher than the local calls. You must check your cell phone plans to check for the roaming calls charges, as this might run higher than you expected as you are borrowing services from some other network.